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Need a web designer for Wordpress to customize the aesthetics or functionality of Wordpress?


Your Web Programming Department, a full scale Wordpress web design & development firm can scale a Wordpress web design to suit any size of website, whether you just need a fresh design to replace your Wordpress website's look and feel, or a complete overhaul with new website design, functionality, and content. If you want your Wordpress web design customized on time and on budget, call Your Web Programming Department or use the Contact link at the top to request a quote.

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Wordpress As A Full CMS Website

Wordpress is not just a blog software anymore. Wordpress can serve as a comprehensive Content Management System for a full website.

Click here for a free YWPD Web Design Analysis and Quote . Our comprehensive free Web Design Quote will include a total Web design analysis of your website.

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Basic Wordpress Blog Customization

It's no surprise that Wordpress blogs have become so popular. They are an extremely valuable tool for creating natural search engine traffic and building up authoritative, expert status. Wordpress blogs are easy for just about anyone to use. YWPD WordPress Customisation gives you everything you need to get off to a running start with a truly professional, full featured, customized Wordpress blog. We handle all the technical stuff for you and ensure that your blog is set up to give you maximum benefits and ease of use, researching, installing, configuring all functionality for you quickly.
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Full Wordpress Customization

WordPress Installation: We install the WordPress blog system on the hosting service of your choice. You can choose from our recommended hosting services or you can use your own service if it supports WordPress and the features in your customization package.


Choice of Wordpress Designs: We provide you a choice of WordPress designs to choose from with different menu and page layouts. This is the starting point for your custom design.


Custom Wordpress Header and Backgrounds: We will design a custom graphic to go in the header of your blog, using your photos or images or we can use our stock photos to create one for you. Once you have that, we'll create a coordinating solid color or gradient fade background and customize your design choice with a color scheme that works with your header.


Spam Filtering: We'll install the top-rated spam filter for WordPress on your blog and set it up so you don't have to worry about comment spamming. If this isn't installed, your blog is easy prey for the spammers to leave redundant spam comments.


Plug-ins and Enhancements: These are the bells and whistles that give your blog a big boost in terms of advanced features. We install a "must have" list of plugins that work to make your blog easier to manage and use.


Wordpress Search Engine Optimization: You've probably heard that Google and other search engines love blogs (and they do) but these days you have to make some key changes to the basic installation of WordPress (and other blogs too) to make your blog truly search engine friendly. We do this for you as part of your package.


Wordpress Audio/Visual Enhancements: You can choose to enhance your blog so you can add You Tube videos, MP3 files and podcasts.


Social Bookmarking: We'll install the components you need to take advantage of social bookmarking. With one click your visitors can share your blog with others, and let the world know about your blog.

Search Engine Listings and Reports

Why Wordpress Customization?

Blogging is actually very easy to do, even for inexperienced users. The WordPress blog is one of the best; easy to learn and manage, once it has been correctly installed and set up. Most people simply do not have the technical knowledge and specialized software for a full-featured custom Wordpress installation and setup. That's what we do for you. We take care of all of the technical stuff and make sure that your blog has all the features you need so it is extremely easy to use from day one.


Introductory Wordpress Installation price of only $450.00* on your website WITH LESSONS! A blog won't do you as much good off-site like at Blogger or someplace.


Contact YWPD today to discover the Wordpress Web Design that is right for you.



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